About GeneTech

GeneTech (extracted from Genetic Technology mapping) is a tool which allows a user to generate genetic logic circuits only by specifying the logical function desired to be achieved in a living cell. It does not require a user (either biologist or a computer scientist) to learn any programming language. All what it requires a user to specify a desired logical function in the form of simple Boolean Algebra.

The tool first performs logic optimization, followed by synthesis and technology mapping using a library of genetic logic gates. In the end, GeneTech performs technology mapping to generate all the feasible circuits, with different genetic gates, to achieve the desired logical behavior.

GeneTech generates the circuits in the form of SBOL dataSBOL visual and Logic circuit schematic.

Technical information of GeneTech

  • Developed in Java and Python
  • Support boolean expression in the Sum-Of-Products form
  • Generate circuits up to three inputs based on the IPTG, aTc, and Arabinose inducers
  • Currently accepts repression based NOR/NOT gates

NOTE: We are currently working to bring GeneTech to the same platform i.e. Python.

Download GeneTech here.

Github Repository

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