GeneTech is a Technology mapping tool for Genetic logic circuits.  It is able to construct a genetic circuit using the library of genetic gates developed at MIT and Boston universities. It is currently a standalone tool but can be integrated to D-VASim as a plugin.

GeneTech provides a user an ability to develop genetic circuits only by specifying its behavior in the form of a Boolean expression. With this ability, users, specially biologists, do not need to learn any additional programming language for designing genetic circuits. GeneTech takes a raw Boolean expression as an input and first optimized it. Then it synthesize the optimized expression into NOR/NOT form. Finally, it maps the repression based (NOR and NOT) genetic gates on the synthesized expression and generates all possible circuit solutions to achieve the specified boolean behavior.

Technical information of GeneTech

  • Developed in Java
  • Support boolean expression in the Sum-Of-Products form
  • Generate circuits up to three inputs based on the IPTG, aTc, and Arabinose inducers
  • Currently accepts repression based NOR/NOT gates